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Improve Your Memory (Level 1 of 3)


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Improving ability to remember and recall information is the goal. Here, practices to instigate the brain and tips to improve the memory are posted. By following up the posts, even right after the first two weeks, you will understand that your problems with memory and attention are gradually removed. After a while, you would find that “load of information” and “learning” will not be a torture anymore. These practices are also recommended for people who are approaching the time risky for their mind health, decline in cognitive function and getting Alzheimer. So, as soon as you would get some confidence here by finding some progress in remembering and recalling information, it would be nice to recommend these practices and tips to your grandparents, parents and other relatives and friends.
This is the first level of the three-level tips and practices (in three Kindle publications) to improve your memory; as the further steps, you may proceed on levels two and three respectively. If the practices of this level are so easy for you that you would not feel any pressure or mind fatigue in your exercises then skip this level and start on level two or three.

MY REVIEW: This blog updates at least once a week, and its suitable for the Kindle in that the entire post comes through. As for my "with reservations," I know little about the field of "improving your memory," but I dont' really see how the exercises given here can help. (But then, my memory has always been pretty good!)

If you'd like to improve your memory, give it a try. (There's another website that you could check out for more information,

Sample post:
Chain of Verbs (No. 2)
This is the second time that you are doing Chain of Verbs; so it is important that you preform this better than past. Do your best to get a better result. You already know that is very important for your memory to get a better result.

1) Take a pen and a few sheets of paper, entitle the first sheet as "Chain of Verbs No. 2".

2) You should accomplish this practice in 40 minutes.

3) Fully concentrated; nobody in the room, no noise and nothing to interrupt you; turn off your cell, TV, radio, etc.

4) You should do this exercise with your ultimate speed, in a high speed that you will not be able to do more than that any more; your highest speed.

5) Write down a list of English verbs, starting with "maim". The second verb should start with an "M", because "maim" ends with "M". The third verb in the list should start with the last letter of your second verb. Each item in your list should be an English verb containing one or more word. Example: maim, make, execute, end up, pour, ...

You can write any verbs that you wrote in Chain of Verbs No. 1 (it is good if you can remember the verbs written in Chain of Verbs No. 1); however, this is optional.

Take a clock/timer to measure time; remember in 40 minutes; without any kind of interruptions.

Your list should be long; the longer the better, longer than the list you wrote in Chain of Verbs No. 1, so try to write verbs fast as much as possible.



- - -

OK, when finished, write the count of verbs in your paper, and keep your list as a record to compare with what you would do in the future posts.

Now bring your record of Chain of Verbs No. 1. Compare the result (number of verbs written) with what you did now. Hopefully you did better in Chain of Verbs No. 2. If not then, as for Chain of Names No. 2, PLEASE do this exercise again tomorrow (but not earlier than 12 hours from now on). You should get a result better than Chain of Verbs No. 1.

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