Monday, June 21, 2010

Follow Bella's paw steps to happiness (dogs, humor)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: We believe that we can all make the world a better place by sharing our love and happiness, each of us in our own special way, one step at a time, with thoughts, prayers, words and actions. It's as simple as a smile !
"It is not the magnitude of our actions, but the amount of love that is put into them that matters" - Mother Teresa.
Dogs can show us the way, with their live-in-the-present attitude, playfulness, affection, courage and unconditional love.
We love our little Westie Bella and we want to share the love and happiness she brings us with the rest of the world.
If this blog can bring you a smile, warm your heart or lighten up your day, then it makes us happy, and if it helps you to spread your happiness around you, that's even better !
If you want to share your own experience, thoughts or prayers, then contact us. We also love photos that reflect the beauty of the world we live in; you don't have to be an expert photographer, just open your eyes and let your heart guide you...

MY REVIEW: The author of this cute blog lives in Australia. It is not available for subscription for the Kindle, but that's okay because most of each entry is photographs of her Westie that wouldn't have quite the same impact in greyscale. (Although, heck, they'd still be fun.)

Bella (Bella is the Westie and it is Bella's blog) dresses up in a variety of cute outfits and participates in fun activities.

If you're a dog lover, I think you'll enjoy this blog very much.

Sample post:
(I don't reproduce the many photos of cute dogs in hats that accompanied this article).
Welcome to my almost Royal Hat Parade !
On Monday, Australians had a public holiday for the Queen's birthday; in fact her real birthday is on April 21 which is a week after mine, so I think next year I'll ask her if we can combine our birthday parties.

I knew Her Majesty loves dogs and in particular corgis, so I invited her to my hat parade and told her my friends from Corgi Country would be there. Unfortunately she was already booked to go on a hat parade at the Royal Ascot horse races. Never mind, the most important thing is that so many of my friends came to my hat parade, thank you all, I'm so happy you could join me !

I now declare this not quite royal hat parade open, enjoy all the wonderful hats and vote for your favourite - voting is on the left hand side of the blog near the top. You have until Thursday next week to vote and the most popular will have a mystery prize, good luck !

What a great opportunity to make new friends ! I've put links to those that have blogs, go and visit them and introduce yourself ...

--Look at my new toy !
--Welcome to my almost Royal Hat Parade !
--How sweet to be cuddled
--Loving is sharing...
--Do you want to come to my hat parade ?

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