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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Get your house in shape! The Clutter Diet Blog helps you get organized and motivated with tips and insight from nationally-recognized professional organizer Lorie Marrero. This blog is an accessory to the innovative membership program at, home of the first virtual team of organizers.

MY REVIEW: There are a lot of blogs and websites out there that try to help people with their clutter and organization problems. I've received a couple here, as for example Your Life Organized. They are all good at telling you how to get your life organized, but I don't think I've seen one that addresses the underlying issues behind why people have such a problem with organization - just as diet blogs address the symptoms and not the cause as well.

Cause being a childhood in which a kid isn't taught to keep their room clean (or, I suppose, is forced to keep their room excessively clean and are rebelling). Clutter is also a form of procrastination. How can you start on a project if you can't find this or that item? So instead of having to do the work, they spend their time looking for the item, and then when they find it they say, "Well, now I've found it. I'll do the work tomorrow."

Then of course there are the psychological clutters (of whom my mom is one) - they are hoarders, and will keep empty envelopes, advertising circulars, etc. etc. and just store them in boxes for no good reason except for something in their heads telling them to do so.)

Once your life is organized you'll accomplish much more every day - saving time, money, and giving yourself a good feeling. So whatever it takes to get organized, do it. This blog can help - check it out.

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