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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Seattlest is a website about Seattle and everything that happens in it. That means news and events, restaurants and bars, happenings and goings-on.

MY REVIEW: If you live in Seattle, this is a blog you should subscribe to. Simple as that. If you're planning on moving to or just visiting Seattle, ditto.

It's well-written for an audience in their 20s-30s, I think, but there's not an egregious amount of swearing, just a little bit more than you'd see in a mainstream publication. Multiple authors contribute to the blog.

Sample post:
This is your last chance to see the final works from this year’s crop of MFA students at UW. Their Thesis Exhibition closes Sunday. In spite of some recent criticism of Seattle’s art schools, this collection showcases some serious new talent.
Henry Art Gallery // 4100 15th Ave. NE // 11-4 Sat.-Sun.

Humor and music take center stage at the Northwest African American Museum this weekend. First, on Saturday, Mishna Wolff - former model, humorist and author - is on hand to present her memoir: I’m Down. This funny look back at her Seattle childhood is ultimately about identity, but it is also further proof that we all have crazy parents. While you are at the museum, make sure to check out their current exhibit After Hours, which dives into the bustling Northwest Jazz Scene that thrived from 1930-60.
Book Reading: 2-3 on Saturday, June 26 // After Hours through Dec. 31 // Northwest African American Museum // 2300 S. Massachusetts St. // $6

Like your art with a little morbidity thrown in? An impressive lineup of artists and architects take turns putting their creative spin on an item inextricably linked with death in The Architect and the Urn. This show takes place at Lundgren Monuments, a company that thrives on “new models of memorialization.” So, if you are inspired by the urns, perhaps you can design your own headstone while you are there.
Lundgren Monuments // 1011 Boren Ave. // Closes July 18 // Free // Saturday

It’s the 30-year anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption. In celebration, head on over to Blow Up: the group show commemorating the event. No word on whether or not any artists used scalding liquid magma as their media of choice. G. Gibson Gallery // 300 S. Washington St. // Free // Closes July 3 // Saturday 11-5

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