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Zen Habits (lifestyle, business)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Top 25 blog that covers simplicity, productivity, habits, goals, happiness, health & fitness, frugal finances, family and more.

MY REVIEW: This is an excellent blog, well written. And it has some very good advice. The title is somewhat misleading - we are not given mystical platitudes, but rather real advice for dealing with the real world.

The author, Leo Babauta, writes most posts, but he also has guest authors who make posts on occasion.

Sample post:
Write Your Own Obituary; The Best Advice Nobody Ever Gave Me
You might consider this the ultimate “begin with the end in mind” exercise and, really, it falls perfectly in line with one’s attempt to create their ideal future – their success.

Rest assured, there isn’t a greater ‘end’ to consider than YOUR END- (your death/departure from this planet).

So, if it’s helpful to ‘begin with the end in mind’ for goals and projects you can bet it’s pretty darn valuable for your life.

For those who haven’t heard the story there is a terrific anecdote about Dr. Alfred Nobel. What you may not know is that while today everyone hears his name “Nobel” and thinks “Peace Prize” originally, this was far from the case.

In fact, turns out that in 1888 a French paper erroneously proclaimed “The merchant of death is now dead.” The story went on to explain that the man who invented and patented dynamite (his original claim to fame) and a faster, cheaper, quicker way to kill people died in a fatal explosion. As you might expect, a very alive and able Dr. Nobel read this account of his death and its merciless headline and was mortified by the prospect that his lifetime work and his legacy would be relegated and labeled synonymous with death and destruction. This was not the legacy the good doctor had in mind.

Turns out, after reading his own obituary he instantly knew he had to redefine just what his life was to mean; what he was to represent and how he wanted to be remembered.

Drum roll please…
So, here’s a couple KEY questions for YOU to answer…

What do you want your life to represent?
How would you like to be remembered?

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