Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From the Desk of Mrs. Wizard (Kindle technology)



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WEB ADDRESS: http://mrswizard.blogspot.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Short and sweet Tips and Tricks for folks who love their Kindle and want to learn more about what it can do (and how), from a fellow Kindle reader. Mrs. Wizard also shares links to free ebooks, as she finds them, and occasional opinions and commentary on the Kindle and the e-reader technology.
Mrs. Wizard has been helping friends make friends with their computers for years. Now she wants to share her fun with the Kindle!

MY REVIEW: There are a few blogs that share info on free books available on Kindle. This one does that, but it also gives tips on how to use the Kindle (although she apparently has Kindle system 2.5, something *I* have yet to recieve!). There are plenty of tips for using your Kindle that will make it more enjoyable, once you find out what they are.

Check it out.

--Free on Amazon Today
--Summer Murders
--Kindle Skills - pdf files
--Amazon Best Seller
--Free on Amazon Today
--Manybooks.net additions for your Kindle library
--Amazon Skills
--Manybooks.net additions for your Kindle library
--Kindle Skills
--Kindle Skills - Archived Items
--Free on Amazon Today

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