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Coaching Blog for Technology Consulting & Service Business Owner


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: A forum for all technical consulting and service (VARs, MSPs, IT Providers, Computer Services, Engineering, etc) business owners to capture ways to grow, profit and build value into their business.

MY REVIEW: An excellent blog for the business owner, which shows him how to market and sale to potential clients. The only problem? The author only posts on average twice a month. At least he's a steady poster - you know you'll get two entries a month...but for 99 cents a month I'd like to find a business coaching blog that at least gives me info once a week!

Sample post
The Four Ps
If you know me and my work at all, you know I am a big fan of having a solid foundation that allows you to build a business of any model or size to any scale you wish.

I’m a big fan of systems, metrics and all things controllable and measurable that goes along with them.

But I also believe that with these items, there are 4 P’s (principals or pillars) that must be understood and worked on that hold up a service and consulting business structure.

These P’s stand in the 4 corners of your business “building” and hold up the walls and ceilings that make up this structure. They are individual to each other but also attached as well.

Without them there, you can’t build solid walls or ceilings in each floor of your business structure as it grows and because they are also attached to each other, if those attachments don’t exist it makes the structure even weaker.

Those 4 P’s are:

Sounds simple and it is. But more often than not most small businesses struggle because one or more pillars do not exist or are too weak to do the job that needs to be done. Understanding what they are really all about as well as how they interact usually starts the light bulbs going on as to why certain parts of a business are struggling.

It’s too much to explain here but I will be at Harry Brelsford’s SMB Nation East doing a Pre-day event on the 4 P’s for anyone to come to (you do not have to be going to SMB East). The date is April 29th from 1pm to 5pm. Early bird pricing of $49 is available until March 31st ($99 after that date). Link is here

I hope to see you there to enlighten you on Positioning, Processes, Pricing and Profits as well as how they work together.

In addition I will also be doing a session on May 1st at the SMB Nation East event entitled 6 Systems Your Business Can’t Live Without. This will be a great addition to the pre-day topic.
Hope to see you there.
To Your Business Success-
George Sierchio
The Consultant's Coach

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