Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Adventures of Vulva Fervor (serial fiction)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: The Adventures of Vulva Fervor, by Diane Karagienakos


BLOG DESCRIPTION: One part Lara Croft, one part Inspector Clouseau -- style by Yves St. Laurent. The one woman who is out of James "Quantum of Lame" Bond's league.

MY REVIEW: About a month ago, I searched blogs available on Kindle in search of serial fiction - specifically mystery serial fiction. Well, there's not much on offer at the Kindle, most of it is erotic fiction. I thought this blog would be interesting, but it has been inactive for onver a month.

The posts were amusing...doctored photosof a woman "spy" in various locations, with first person narration. Despite the character's name (yes, it's Vulva, not Mulva - that's a Seinfeld reference) the posts aren't actually erotic, more humorous. OF course it's easy to maintain humor when each post is only a couple of paragraphs long...

In any event, a blog that might have been fun but which was allowed to fall by the wayside.

--Everyone Needs A Break, Darling.
--My Stupid Sister Viva invented a new word: “VIVAJAZZLING!”
--Off The Grid…
--My Latest Undercover Assignment

Sample post:
Thanks to idiotic local law enforcement (SFPD AMATEURS!) blowing my cover (and that of my partner, Matti) on a recent top-secret international mission, we’ve been forced deep underground until further notice.

Matti (you may recall he was my adorable captor during that kidnapping incident last spring) finds the whole thing rather amusing. But he’s from Finland, so he’s used to months of darkness on end. But yours truly was just starting to build a decent base tan! And now this crap.

Fortunately, I’ve also built a decent base wine collection, so I imagine the time spent in my custom-designed bunker/wine cellar shouldn’t be too miserable. And even my stupid sister Viva won’t be able to find me here.

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