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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Diet blog offers updates you on the latest research and views on weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. Filtering the best of diet news and advice, Diet Blog combines it with real-world application and opinion.

MY REVIEW: Well...this isn't specifically a diet blog, it talks about food and restaurants as well. It does have some pretty interesting articles.

Ultimately, people losing weight just need to accept that there is no magic formula, it's just common sense - bolstered by education. This blog gives you an education. But if you just accept that you can lose weight - and maintain a healthy weight - by simply eating less (not cutting out specific kinds of food entirely) and exercising, and that it will take some effort and not be easy, you can do it!

Sample post:
Women Distort Their Own Body Image
I have no full-length mirrors in my house, except for one which I have to open a closet to get to. (I didn't plan it that way, it's just how it worked out.) My brother and sister-in-law's new house -- which I just happened to visit last week -- is full of them, though.

I check myself standing in the mirror every day, but watching my reflection sitting down, or playing on the floor with the kids, was enough to inspire me to do some pretty heavy toning work when I got home.

While I have no doubt that those mirrors were revealing to me what I've been denying to myself, researchers at the University College London say women have a tendency to distort their own body image, so much in fact, that the women in their study believed themselves to be up to two thirds wider than they really are.

From the Daily Mail:

Researchers asked volunteers to place their left hand under a board and guess the positions of the knuckles and fingertips, pointing them out with a baton.
The results, reported today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, were used to assess mental models of finger length and hand width.

In general, participants estimated their hands to be about two-thirds wider, and a third shorter, than actual measurements showed they were.

Researchers say that these same findings could be generalized to the entire body. Meaning that when women look at themselves in the mirror or in pictures, they see themselves as shorter and wider than they really are. Study leader Dr. Matthew Longo said this:

There may be a general bias towards perceiving the body to be wider than it is. Some people look in the mirror and receive information which tells them they are not fat, but they still can't use that to override their distorted body model and make themselves believe it.

While I'm not sure I'm buying that this study can be generalized so easily, it's true that women (sadly) have a tendency to not like what they see in the mirror. We talk a lot about how the media impresses this impossible idea of a perfect body upon us. But, what if it's really our own brains telling us that we're shorter and wider than we really are?

What do you think?

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