Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Summary

Each Sunday, I'll post a Sunday Summary in which I highlight my "top 10 blogs" of the past week that I've reviewed, and perhaps give some shout outs to some favorites from past weeks.

Other plans will be to publish a regular "Top 10" in a certain a day, perhaps. "Top 10 of my favorite travel blogs," "Top 10 of my favorite science blogs", etc. Everything to bring as much exposure as possible to the blogs I've reviewed - that I've liked!

My plan for this Sunday is to complte at least 5 blog reviews in the following categories: Humor and Satire, Industry Focus, and News, Politics and Opinions. I want this done before tonight, because then all the columns on my two index category pages will have enough entries to make them look respectable, to any new visitor to the site!

Since this is a new blog, I want to get as many entries into the index as soon as possible, so that new readers to this blog, or those just stumbling over the index pages, would have a pretty good idea of what is going on here.

Once I've got the index looking more respectable, I'll slow down and instead of reviewing 15 blogs a day, stick with between 5 to 10. One post will deal with blogs in a specific category, the other will deal just with two or three blogs, from any category, that strike my fancy. In this way I hope to provide meaningful and useful content to just about everybody who is in search of worthy blogs in their particular area of interest.

Message for Bloggers:
As visitors today may have noticed, the Kindle Blog Report badge has been improved immeasurably, thanks to the help of a kind friend. Indeed, so far I've met a few people who have been generous with their time, assistance with various technical aspects, and their feedback, as regards this blog, and I appreciate it.

The goal of this blog is to highlight blogs from "real people" and "small businesses" as opposed to those from corporations. For that reason I won't be reviewing ESPN's sports blog, or Michelle Malkin or Bill O'Reilly's blogs, or Cracked! or things of that nature - they should have fans enough who know about their blogs already! (Of course, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, but that is my plan at this time!)

If anyone has a blog they'd like me to review, drop me a line. My review will be a fair one. If I don't like your blog, I'll say so, but I'll provide enough information so that my readers can make up their own minds if they would like it.

If you would like to put a badge/link on your blog to show that you've been reviewed here, please do so. It will serve as a further advertisement for you that your blog is available for subscription via the Kindle. This is not mandatory. Nor need bloggers whom I'm reviewed, subscribe to this blog in return. (Though of course if you find it valuable, I hope you will.)

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to drop me a line.

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