Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lifestyles : Miami





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wondered how people in Miami have so much money and live such extravagant lifestyles, while the rest of the country struggles?

Miami, for many reasons, doesn't seem to get hit as hard during the recessions The United States periodically endures. Want to know why?

The Real Estate Market is stronger, Jobs are plentiful, and Money seems to flow like rivers in this beautiful and cultural city... Want to know why?

There is no "1" reason. But we know the secrets.

There is lots of information on Real Estate, Educational Institutes, Lifestyles of The Wealthy, Culture, History, Landmarks, Notable People, Parks and Recreation and How You Can Afford to live like the wealthy even on a modest income.

Lifetsyles : Miami walks you through the lifestyles of the many wealthy and super-wealthy people who live in Miami and explains how this flourishing city remains one of the most desirable places to live, despite it's sordid history.

OUR REVIEW: Another blog written by people who actually live and work in the city about which they are writing, I also recommend this blog highly for anyone who wants to visit Miami in the future or who is thinking of living there. You get a real sense of the city and the people from these well written and informative blog entries, not to mention learn a lot of history!

  • Miami Entrepreneurs: William D. Pawley (1896 -1977) an article on the man who helped bring Claire Chennault’s Flying Tigers into being, among other things!
  • WMPD Community Service – an article on West Miami Police Department Community activities, (Bike Safety annual training) with lots of photos
  • Miami’s Top Restaurant – the Palm
  • Miami’s Top Real Estate Agent – Audrey Ross of Esslinger Wooten Maxwell, Inc, Realtors
  • The 2010 Real Estate Market

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