Monday, February 22, 2010

I Don't Have Time to Write This!



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: For 10 years I was a journalist. I turned one article—where I pretended to look for a roommate as a ploy to meet guys—into a novel, Room for Love, that St. Martin’s Press published. Then on 2-29-08, I had a baby: Aidan. And writing became a thing of the past. My gorgeous 1-year-old son consumes my every second. If I’m not gazing into his big brown eyes, he’s probably asleep and I’m lying comatose on the couch wishing I had the energy to write, but knowing I have mommy mush brain and should probably nap—or puree some more squash. ‘Cause god knows I don’t have it in me to write. I love this boy more than I could imagine loving anything and never for a minute resent him for taking my time. And yet, in Life Before Aidan, I didn’t have just any job. I was a writer. I loved my work. Maybe if I write this blog, great things will pour from my fingertips. If not, at least I have a forum for describing Aidan’s daily cutenesses and my own anxieties. And that will feel awesome.

MY REVIEW: She's got the title correct, she doesn't have time to write and should admit it. When she does post, it is long with pictures, but since I don't know her personally I can't figure out why she is living in different locations (she never explains that.)

Anyway, the most recent post is current and in it she admits that she has been remiss because of her pregnancy, which she is just revealing to her readers. That's fair. But in going back, some of her posts are 3, 4, 6 weeks apart. (Now some are 2 or 3 days apart.) But, even then when she posts, the posts are very long, IMHO, blogs are intended to be updated - on a regular basis. I cannot recommend folks subscribing to this blog. Maybe I can when she gets into a routine of posting more frequently, and does find time to write.

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