Monday, February 22, 2010

How I started my own publishing company with less than $1,000



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: How I started my own publishing company with less than $1,000


BLOG DESCRIPTION: To inform those aspiring to become indie publishers/authors in the digital world how easy it is to get started without going into any debt. It's as simple as having access to the internet and owning a PC. This blog is also for an novice or seasoned author looking to get a quality published book for less!

MY REVIEW: As the title says, this is a commentary on the publishing business from the independent side. The blogger shows how he went about getting his book published POD (publish on demand)- on shelves - on Amazon - and in e-book format. There are posts commenting on the status of the publishing industry today. It is all very interesting.

Another facet of this blog is his personal life - he is a minister and there are posts included dealing with his profession. (At one point he refers to himself as the "Writing Reverend".)

The posts are well written, as you would expect. However, once again, he is not a consistent poster. Posts can be as frequent as every two days or every two weeks.
It doesn't matter how well it is written, if it a blog is not regularly updated, I cannot recommend it. As of February 22, this blog had not been posted to since January 12. In my book, that makes it Inactive.

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