Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Culture and Lifestyle Blogs, reviewed by AC Williams

According To Roderick An inspirational blog providing practical insights for living to the Christian community through biblical inspiration; as well as, giving relevant information concerning life and culture.

I am not particularly religious, but for those seeking inspirational uplifting and guidance, this is a good blog. This is geared toward those of the Christian faith. The posts are relatively long but well written. They flow like a Baptist sermon, which makes sense since the blogger, Roderick Evans is himself a minister. He breaks his "lessons" down into 4 or 5 points each using Bible verses and stories from the Bible as examples. His words are strong but meant to keep the flock on the straight and narrow way. He posts 3 or 4 times a week.

His last five posts include:
- When God says "No" -Three Reasons for God's Response of "No"
- Defining the Christian Male - Seven Traits of the Christian Man
- Speak to Me! - 5 Ways the Christian Hears from God
- The Christian Mandate for Ministry: 4 Reasons for Ministries and Gifts
- Keep your Eyes on Jesus - Overcoming Distractions

NO THUMBNAIL Acronyms Sometimes Suck: This is a blog about unfortunate acronyms and initialisms.

This blog looks to be Inactive - I first thought someone had a lot of time on their hands to keep up with this blog.

Then I looked at the dates of the posts - they don't. The most recent post is January 17, the most recent prior to that was November 12, preceded by October 22. Also, in going through the older posts many were references to obscene or (what my dear Aunt Kat would call) potty humor.

Perhaps it was a good idea on the drawing board but got lost in implementation. On a purely structural basis, it is set-up well with the name, the logo or sign, then a paragraph giving the provenance of the acronym, a little history of the business or organization, etc. Cute, but nah. Don't bother.

Last three posts:

-International Builder's Show
-Puppy in my pocket
-District of Alaska

Allergizer: provides useful, up-to-date information about allergies: cases, symptoms, treatment and medical research.

This looks to be a very helpful blog for those who suffer, or who have family members who suffer, from allergies. It is only updated every week or two, which is disappointing.

There is a lot of information in the posts. You can learn about hypoallergenic dogs (and cats - who knew?). There is much medical data on antihistamines, not just name brands but how they work and new things coming on the market. They even report on an iPhone App for Food Allergies. There is so much information here that the way it is laid out I found a little difficult to navigate my way around.

The last five posts:
--Seen that? Restrictions on Pseudoephedrine-Containing Allergy Medications
--Seen that? Understanding Antihistamines
--Seen that? Minimizing Seasonal Allergic Rhinitus Symptoms
--iPhone App for Food Allergies
--Seen that? The 2006 Spring Allergy Capitols

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