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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Life is like a game. You are going along and all is well. You are in first and in the 3/3 lap and all of a sudden life, or some jerk who is in last place pulls out the nasty blue shell a la mario kart. BAM. You go from 1st place to last in a matter of the 3 seconds it takes you to get back on your feet. The good news is that you always do. Even under pressure. I'm a busy wife and mom who works and goes to school.

MY REVIEW: I always find it interesting that someone is into their own blog about their life, but then don't post but every week or two. This is one such blog. Granted the writer, like many of us has many balls in the air. But, if you commit yourself to a blog, make it public, then offer it for Kindle subscriptions, you really owe to your audience to post more often. I'll step off my soap box.

This is an interesting blog with a humorous look at her life. Many of us can relate, few of us can articulate it this well. The more you read the more you can relate.

THE GOOD: Interesting and well written.

THE BAD: Folks - if you are going to blog, commit yourself and post regularly, especially if you are asking people to pay for a subscription to your blog. Once every week or so is not an active blog.


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Ann Currie publishes My Life a Bit South of
and also, Silver Pieces: The Strange and

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