Saturday, February 13, 2010

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BLOG'S DESCRIPTION: Travel blog on vacation packages, destination guide, travel advice & travel news to make reader's vacation experience easy.

OUR REVIEW:  It’s difficult to decide whether or not to say Yes or No to this blog. For one thing, it’s the type of blog that is a referral site – in order to get the deals they offer (and you’ll see a sample of those in the 5 latest entries list below) you’ve got to click on the links to go to a new webpage to make your booking. The entries don’t give you any information about the travel spot in question, just the deals that are on offer.

THE GOOD: It does alert you to savings that are available.

THE BAD: Over all, I think I will say NO. This is the kind of blog – any blog that calls your attention to Travel Deals – that you really need to visit its home on the web to use properly.


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