Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WW II Planes And the Pilots Who Flew Them



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: WW2 airplanes and their pilots


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Anecdotes and excerpts from interviews conducted since 1999. I learn about character, leadership and intelligent patriotism, then share with others.

MY REVIEW: Normallly when a blog isn't updated on a regular basis I caution against subscribing to it, except in special circumstances. This is one such. Mollison is an artist of aircraft, who also interviews the pilots (some men in their 90s) who flew these craft. So it takes a while to bring everything together. He seems to average at least a post a month, generally two. For 99 cents a month to get those posts delivered to your Kindle when they occur, I'd say it's a good deal.

Here's a bit of text:
As a lark, I sketched this little aerial combat scene - no clouds, but a single German Bf.109 G-6/R6 arcing in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable... [then there's the sketch he refers to]

I prefer interviewing fighter pilot & crew, hence the very name of this blog. But sometimes, opportunities pose themselves that simply make personal preference seem silly.

Buddies Greg and Jim have cleared the way for me to spend time with Senator George McGovern. He's a riot. So far we've talked mostly "History," but I'm here to draw his airplane.

THE GOOD: If you're a military aviation buff, or a history buff, or a hero buff, you will love this blog. Mollison talks not only about the planes but the men who flew them, and he writes very well.

THE BAD: Updated every three weeks or so. Greyscale photos on the Kindle don't really do the artwork justice.

-Profile 39 - B25 H S/N 43-4267
-Profile 39 - B25 H S/N 43-4267 (Progress Note) "The H-Model, the most heavily armed aircraft of WW2. This one's no gleaming queen but a dark witch of hell."
-Profile 38 - "696" as flown by Lt. Claude Hone (Chance-Vought F4U-1A)
-Profile 37 - Dolph's Devil Korean War era aircraft, not specified
-Profile 36 - YO-YO as flown by Senator George McGovern (B-24 Liberator)

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