Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Humor Blogs, 2 Industry Focus

1. Reflections on a Middle-Aged Fat Woman NO
2. Daily Joke NO
3. Ask Sister Mary Martha YES
4. AMillionMonkeys NO
5. Music MAYBE

Reflections On A Middle-Aged Fat Woman . Reflections on a Middle Aged Fat Woman are the thoughts, happenings and remembrances of a 40ish year old pleasantly plump woman that is slightly off center, sings slightly off key, and, just slightly off her rocker. The Middle-Aged (MA) Fat Woman has spent years fabricating who she thinks she is, who she desires to be, and denying who she actually is. MA Fat Woman is not glamorous, (although, she desires to be) and she is not an announcer for her local radio station (yet, that’s what she tells people). What is she? She is an underemployed, slightly psychotic, hopefully optimistic individual that appreciates that the world still rotates clockwise every day. (Or, does it?)

Reflections on a Middle Aged Fat Woman say what others are too polite to say or even want to think about. It is part Erma Bombeck (without the kids) part Jen Lancaster (without the bad words) and part Lewis Grizzard (without the heart problems) that brings remembrances, story-telling and today’s technologies and conveniences full circle.

Well, I’m afraid I can’t give this a good review. This blog is amorphous. There’s no real point to it. She’s a middle-aged fat woman, so you’d think some of her posts would be humorous ones on trying to lose weight and not succeeding. Or the other side of the coin, someone who is comfortable with her weight, and the humorous battles she goes through to get other people to mind their own business regarding her appearance. But she doesn’t do any of that.

We don’t know where she lives, we don't know what her profession is, we don't knkow what her particular hobbies are, so there’s nothing unique about the blog, such as is as My Life A Bit South of Normal which takes place in the Deep South of South Carolina, and gives the blog its theme.

Last five entries:
Skunky Valentines (all she can find are valentines with skinks on them)
How You Doin…Week VI (summarizing her week)
Somebody Stole My Winter
Billion is the New Million
How You Doin…Week V
Do You Bake? (How she made off with cheap pie plates)

Daily Joke . Daily updated jokes for you.

Well…I can’t recommend this blog either. If you’re a guy, and like scatological jokes, you’ll find them amusing, I suppose. But these are much worse than Gagler’s Joke A Day. I wouldn’t bother with this one.

[For shame. No cover illustration provided!] Ask Sister Mary Martha . Sister Mary Martha couldn't go door to door to save your soul, so she started a blog to answer life's tough questions. Humor included.

Funniest Catholic Blog around!

Okay, I highly recommend this blog. Very funny. And I’m not Catholic. But I’m familiar with the religion and its tropes. The writer is extremely knowledgeable about the Catholic religion – I assume she really is a nun! – and yes, very funny. So whether you’re Catholic, or agnostic, I think you’ll find this blog worthwhile.

Each blog starts out with someone (perhaps the author herself) writing her a question - who is the saint of this, who is the saint of that, am I overreacting because I feel that...; and the Sister Mary Martha explains it all. Both educational and humorous.

Last few entries:

--Planning Ahead (Ordinary time is almost at an end. Lent will soon begin)
--Maybe Yes, on the Overreacting (Annoyed that the Bible books are out of order in a lesson plan)
--Kitty Korner (sharing a joke)
--Your Number is Up (is there a patron saint for winning the lottery?)
--Saints Apps (is there a saint for the gut?)

AMillionMonkeys . Politics, gangsta rap.
I found this blog in the Music subsection of the Industry Focus category. Now, I think rap is noise, and gangsta rap is evil noise, but I was prepared to give it some exposure. But from what I can see, the author of this blog doesn’t talk give the noise a lot of coverage, but about politics, movie reviews, book reviews,etc.

Well, I liked his article on Punxutawney Phil…and the articles are well written, and not filled with expletives which is what gangsta rap is all about, nevertheless, I can’t give this blog a thumbs up.

Here are the last five entries (It hasn’t been updated since Feb 3):
-How long, Punxutawney Phil? (How long was Bill Murray’s character trapped in that town in the movie Groundhog Day? A debate)
-The Fourth Hand, by John Irving. A Book rewiew.
-Unified Theory of Ke$ha – a review of this singer
-Spoon on Conan – a review of this singer
-Perils of ping-pong – Coakley’s loss in Massachusetts
-Leno victims unit – (must be a video – can’t see on the Kindle) Music . A sinister cabal of over 1000 superior bloggers on music, book, film, TV, popular culture, tech and politics.

I found this blog in the Music subsection of the Industry Focus category. Unlike AMillionMonkeys, this blog is all about music…although it’s not really industry focus, which to me means specifically about the inner workings of the music industry (where to find the best instruments, where to find the best recording studio, the best mixers, etc.)-- but for people interested in music, this is a must have blog.

However, this may be one where you’re shortchanging yourself if you get it through Kindle. It hasn’t updated since Feb 10, but if you go to the site, there have been lots more entries since then. I think the way the site is set up, it can’t feed everything to the kindle. Check it out at :

The last five entries:

--New Album releases: Sade, Southside, Johnny, Yeasayer, Watson Twins
--Matthew Stubbs releases tracklist, artwork, tour dates for Medford & Main, Due March 16
--An interview with Jordan Ireland of The Middle East
--Retro Redux: Driving the Who to Stardom
--The Rockologist: Who’s next for the Super Bowl
--Pianist Konstantin Soukhovetski: Shimmering personality and Gleaming Artistry
--Ten questions with Gareth Icke (British rock artist)

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  1. Ask Sister Mary Martha - I'm not catholic either, but this makes me question all those horror stories my friends subjected to parochial school always told me. "2. Offer up your morning sickness to the Poor Souls in Purgatory." I can assure you, Sister Mary Martha will become part of my morning routine.