Friday, February 12, 2010

Anupam Blog 3, Broken Secrets, Mysterious Issues

1. Anupam blog 3 NO
2. Broken Secrets YES
3. Mysterious Issues MAYBE

The author of Anupam Blog 3 is named Anupam, but he doesn’t give a description of what his blog is about. I decided to subscribe to it anyway, because I was curious. However, it hasn’t been updated since January 6, 2010, which is why I’m saying no and putting it in the inactive section of my index page.

It’s too bad, it looks like it could have been interesting. Anupam lives in Bangalore (I think), and talks about culture and life in India. It’s a little difficult to follow, as his English is not as precise as one would wish, but at the same time overly detailed. But if it had been updated regularly, I would have recommended this as an excellent look into the life and culture of the Indian continent.

Broken Secrets is a much more fun version of “Improve Your Knowledge Daily.” Instead of a single fact, easy to read and as easy to forget, these “secrets” are couched in a friendly manner, and just more fun to read.

Here’s how its described:
This blog is updated every weekday with little known facts and helpful secrets that you probably don't know, but should find useful and entertaining. The topic of every post is a treat for your curiosity and the next time a conversation hits a lull, it's your ace in the hole for bringing it back to life.

As a subscriber to Broken Secrets, you'll read about time saving tricks that baristas use when making coffee; how to keep takeout food warm; why airlines dim the lights before landing; how mechanics keep their hands clean; why you shouldn't drink hot water from the faucet; how to defog your bathroom mirror in 30 seconds; why restaurant food stays warm on your plate; how to open a bottle of wine without any tools... and many more!!

The last five entries:
--The History of Valentine’s Day
--Rescue A Disc From Your Drive With A Paper Clip
--The Massive Underground Vault Near the North Pole
--The Meaning of the Numbers inside the Recycling Symbol
--Shop at Off-Peak Hours for Time Savings

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Mysterious Issues . I was able to find the URL of this blog on the web, and its been updated practically every day, with the latest update being on Feb 11, 2010. Yet when I subscribed to it a couple of days ago, the last entry I received was November 11, 2009. (The same thing is happening with *my* blog, The Friends of Mr. Cairo. I’ve updated it several times, yet I receive no entries to my Kindle. Today I canceled the subscription, and then resubscribed, and after an hour or so I got a new update. We'll see if I get an update tomorrow...)

Rather disturbing. How can some blogs download regularly, but not others?

In any event, here’s the description: Writing tips and sharing experiences of writing my first mystery. If you're an aspiring writer, you'll enjoy it.

Give it a try via Kindle. If it doesn’t work, complain to Kindle, and check it out on the web! (And do the same for Mr. Cairo, too!)

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