Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hookah Whisperer


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: When we first started kicking around the idea of what this blog should be, many different images came to mind. But what stuck out to me, was the fact that it is not that I am The Hookah Whisperer, but all of us that love the hookah lifestyle in general are Hookah Whisperers. So, what is the Hookah Lifestyle…you tell me. There doesn’t seem to be a true demographic. I have enjoyed smoking hookah with people from ages 18 to 63. I myself am 46, but I have a passion for the hookah and truly enjoy the social aspect of a good long smoke with friends.

I do want to explain a bit about my love of the Hookah and the lifestyle of smoking hookah. Earlier this year, I lost my oldest son, Garrison, to suicide. He was a nineteen year old Libertarian-ish, economics student at Ball State University. He first introduced me to hookah a few years back, and we spent many, many hours sitting on our patio smoking hookah and discussing all sorts of topics. If any of you knew Garrison, you will know what I mean. I had spent the last ten years working in finance and of course the bottom fell out and I was unemployed. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to be involved in an e-commerce start up, and the first thing I thought of was Garrison and Hookahs.

So, to conclude this ramble, I am not The Hookah Whisperer…all who love hookah are Hookah Whisperers. I really encourage you to use this site as a resource for your hookah thoughts, questions, and needs, but also as a safe place to post your thoughts, not just about hookahs, but about life, school, family, job…whatever is in your head. I do ask that you refrain from too much profanity, but mostly I hope you enjoy and engage with other Hookah Whisperers.

MY REVIEW: I found this to be an incredibly interesting blog about something I previously knew nothing about - Hookahs. If you are also ignorant - they are a type of Turkish water pipe that one uses to smoke tobacco and other things.

The unique thing about this blog, besides the subject, is the way it is set-up. The blogger posts a description and introduction about the product he plans to smoke and adds a short video each times that discusses the product and gives a review of the experience as he smokes it. (The non-tobacco products are made of different herbs and fruits.) He is articulate and entertaining (as is his side kick who is also featured in the video.)

Unfortunately, this is therefore not suitable to be read on a Kindle. To fully appreciate it you must visit it on the web.

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