Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blogger's Catch-22

If no one is reading your blog, why bother to continue it? On the other hand, if someone who wants to read your blog finally comes along, but sees it hasn't been updated for a month or so...they'll go away and never come back.

So for all you bloggers out there, remember perseverance is the key. Hopefully this blog review blog will help get the word out about your own particular blog (if not immedately, over time as people doing web searches will be brought here.)

I say that because I've been checking out several blogs prepatory to doing reviews of them, and found a couple that haven't been updated in some time. Of course, they may be like Mysterious Issues - updated at the blog but not updated at Kindle, and I'll be checking that out, of course...

In any event, I'll review these inactive blogs, put them on my Don't Bother page, and check back on a periodic basis (to the blog, not the Kindle sub) to see if its come to life again.

Bloggers, don't despair. Although Kindle gives people a 2-week free subscription to your blog, which is only fair, they can't unsubscribe and then resubscribe to get another free 2 weeks, and so on ad infiniutum. If they unsubscribe and resubscribe (which I did with my own blog, The Friends of Mr. Cairo, to try to figure out what was going on with it) I was told that the free sub was over, and I'd have to pay for it from then onward.

So blogs that I'll be reviewing tomorrow that will be going in the Don't Bother page (as things stand now before I've completed my research):
MomKat - hasn't been updated since Dec 4, 2009. A Christian blog
As The Wood Turns - a woodworking blog. No updates since Jan 21
Instant Netflix - a Netflix info and review blog. No updates since Nov 28, 09

Less egregious are WaterNotes and Airspeed, last posts Jan 28 and Jan 29, 2010 respectively.

FYI, I'll probably average two posts a day with this blog, reviewing 2 or 3 blogs per post. So overall throughout each day, about 5 blogs will be reviewed.

As the list of blogs on the index pages start to grow, I'll divide them into categories with their own pages, such as baseball blogs, basketball, football, and so on. I'm anticipating finding plenty of movie and book review blogs, and so on.

So as the days turn into weeks turn into months...this blog will be an invaluable and easily-used resource for those people looking for blogs worthy to subscribe to.

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