Thursday, February 25, 2010

Midlife Musings (Culture and lifestyle, women's perspective)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: Midlife Musings, published by Karen Huff


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Midlife Mama is a woman in her early fifties who writes about family, life, laughter, adult children, marital issues, midlife crisis, wry observations of daily life and sometimes rants about things that frustrate her.

MY REVIEW: I don't care for blogs that don't have a unifying theme, which is something that this blog suffers from, but that doesn't mean I can't objectively review such blogs. The author, Karen Huff, chooses to cover the entire spectrum of middle aged life, rather than certain, directed aspects of it.

Karen is a 50-year-old woman, overweight, married to a man she calls Dr. Jekyll. (I love that!) She plays Second Life for two hours every night, on that would be a theme. Talk about Second Life and how to play it and how addicting it is!

The author writes well, however (although as usual I have my own particular dislikes and I dislike bloggers who talk to the reader as if they are right in the room. It's done for humourous effect but I've never found it funny...I'm willing to admit that that may be just me! As always, check out a blogger's posts for yourself - easy to do with Kindle which gives you a free two-week, trial, (and then only 99 cents a month after that!))

She also writes long posts, and posts often, and I'm going to give it a "Yes," therefore, because if you like these kinds of blogs, this is a blog you'll like.

Sample Paragraphs:
Okay so be prepared. This is the post in which I whine.

And that's different how? You ask.

Haha very funny. I don't whine ALL the time.

Ummm....yeah. Ya do.

*tossing my head* Hmmmmph. The hell you say.

Yep, I can have an argument with you all by myself. Don't need you to even be there, thankyouvery much. Ha!

This week, for some reason, has been the week from hell. I have no one to complain to except you, so you, my dear readers, are the lucky recipient of my brain dump.

Hey! Wait! Come back! Don't leave...

Sheesh. Abandon a gal, why don'tcha. Tsk.

*rolling my shoulders* Oohh there's a lotta tension there. Dr. Jekyll gave me a gift certificate for a massage at my favorite spa on New Year's and I promptly lost it. Did a big purge of the junk that collects on the dining table and must have tossed it along with the junk mail. I was bummed. And that's putting it mildly.

In order to prevent myself from shrieking and tearing my hair out today, and rolling around on the floor and screeching like a banshee in frustration at all the STOOOOPID people there are in the world, and that they all work at my work and have spoken to me in person or on the phone in the past four days...*inhale* *exhale*... I knew that, even if I had to eat macaroni for the next week, I HAD to have a massage. Had to. Or I would inflict bodily harm on the next person that darkened my door.

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  1. Well, thank you very much for the kind review! I already put the badge on my blog and plan to blog about your blog reviewing my blog... or something like that. hehe :)