Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kindle Blog Report continues to evolve

Starting tomorrow, all blogs will receive their own separate review here, to make it easier for prospective readers to find them.

At the moment, blogs are judged with a YES or a NO. And the NO's are divided into two categories: NO because the reviewer doesn't like them, for whatever reason, and NO because they are unsuitable for the Kindle.

What makes a blog unsuitable for the Kindle?

1. Those that are heavy on links to other websites, to videos, etc. Although the Kindle can access the web, the 5-way-controller makes scrolling up to the links a bit of the pain, and then, the connection time isn't as fast as one might wish. Unless these types of posts are few and far between, say one a week, these types of blogs generally go into the Don't Bother category.

2. Blogs that give the reader just a paragraph of text, and then a Read More link. Again, it just slows down the reading experience to have to click on the Read More link.

There is blog/feed software that does deliver the complete post to the Kindle, but it's the blogger's responsbility to use that particular URL when making their offering on Kindle. Many bloggers don't seem to do this, or realize what a pain it is on the Kindle. And some, such as the Tyranny of the Blog that I reviewed yesterday, don't even give you any links at all! Again, it's a software problem, that is fixable, I believe, but until the bloggers themselves fix it, those types of blogs must go into the Don't Bother category as Unsuitable.

Now, some readers may wonder why they should bother to subscribe to the Kindle delivery system when they can get alerts via RSS feeds. Well, because the Kindle feed, if properly set up, gives the reader the complete article and photos (greyscale though they may be), while the RSS feed typically just gives headlines. So you save time with the Kindle..and time is money.

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