Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Life. Organized (Lifestyle and culture)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: Your Life. Organized, published by Monica Ricci


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Organizing Expert Monica Ricci shares clutter control & organization tips, tricks, ideas, inspirations and information to simplify life. Get organized, manage your time, overcome procrastination and achieve life balance to create a meaningful life you can be proud of!

MY REVIEW: There are two websites on the web called Your Life Organized. One is entitled Your Life Organized and is run by professional home organizer and author Candita Clayton. She has no blog, however.

Your Life. Organized is by Monica Ricci, and in it she gives plenty of tips on how to organize your life.

Frankly, this is an important subject. How many minutes of every day do you waste looking for things you've misplaced? Now double that, and that's the time you've really wasted - because you could have achieved twice as much in the time it took you to find your missing item.

Organization is important in every facet of life, from cooking and cleaning, to office work, to creating anything. For every one individual who "thrives" in a disorganized environment, there are thousands who suffer, in little ways, from it.

The thing is, of course, just like dieting, becoming disorganized is easy, and creating good habits to help you become organized and keep organized are hard to do. This blog can help you. (But check out the other one, too.)

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