Sunday, February 21, 2010

Words+Pictures=Web Marketing Tech


MY RECOMMENDATION: NO (Unsuitable for Kindle)

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: Words+Pictures=Web Marketing Tech


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Get the inside spin on emarketing, technology & new media by digital marketer, photographer, copywriter, and comic book writer Buddy Scalera.

MY REVIEW: This is one of those blogs that gets a resounding "yes" when the question is, should you read it, and a resounding "no" when the question is, should you subscribe to it on the Kindle.

I don’t know what kind of software feed Mr. Scalera is using , but it sends only a paragraph to the Kindle, rather than the complete article…and there are no links that enable the reader to get to the complete article! Perhaps he used the RSS feed to feed to the Kindle – which is no good (and why subscribing via Kindle is better than subscribing for free to an RSS feed – you get what you pay for – nothing!

Which is what Kindle users are getting, so I can’t recommend this blog.

However, the blog itself is very good, and I do recommend that you take a look

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