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Give Me A Quarter, I'll Tell Your Fortune


MY RECOMMENDATION: NO (Inactive as of December 30th, 2009)
*As with all inactive blogs, I'll check them once a month and see if they've been re-started.

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the Mystical Realm of Life! This isn't your everyday Gypsy Realm of Readings! Just Practical Advice from a Practical Intuitive Soul! If you have any questions Please feel free to email me at I will be more than happy to answer your questions on this blog

MY REVIEW: This looks like it could have been a good blog, but it was updated only a few times for the three months or so of its existence, and has not been updated at all since December 30, 2009.

I'm not much of a believer in palm readers, although I'm aware that there are many of them out there, and indeed, one of my favorite authors, Dorothy Gilman (of the Mrs. Pollifax series) believes in psychics and palm readings. So if you get a good one...presumably she can help.

The author of this blog is an African American woman who, in her few posts, seemed to have some pretty good advice for her clients - and for her readers, so much so that if this was an active blog, I'd be recommending it.

Here's a sample:

I get situations like this all of the time. A woman who hasn't spoken to her boyfriend in over 4 months has the nerve to get angry at me because she's paid for a session and I didn't tell her that her boyfriend would propose in the upcoming year. Yes, that's right. She hasn't spoken to him in a very long time but she's still banking on getting married to this man because he has never said anything otherwise. Now this is where Common Sense is Not So Common in the World.

This blog has been inactive as of December 30th, 2009

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