Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Comics, Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Cartoons - all things colorful, loud and fun! Must-reading for fans of comics, superheroes, cartoons and sci-fi.

MY REVIEW: Comics Cavern is a disappointment. I expected a blog that would give me substantive information about the current comic scene. That’s not on offer here. These blog entries average just a couple of sentences for the most part, and are from one well-informed person talking to another, not a well-informed person sharing information to anyone interested.

For example:

“I’m having a nightmare, right? Please, please – just tell me I’m having a nightmare." The only text. It’s accompanied by a panel from a comic strip featuring a muscular guy holding two pistols. There’s a dialog box, but the Kindle interface doesn’t reproduce it well enough for me to read it. But in any event…what’s the point?

The previous entry is: “Avatar – Animation So Rule, You’ll Puke With Delight” Now, that is a substantive article – but it’s a rare one.

The next is "Can a man truly love an action figure with all his heart and soul?" "Yes, me wantee." And a photo of the action figure. No other details. Bleh.

Another entry, "Do magic space zombies feel it when you kick ‘em in the nards? That is.. the question!" With a photo of a man kicking a space zombie in the nards.

Another one, "Go Team Boobies"! Is the only text, the photo, a woman straddling a man’s thighs, whose back is straddled by a woman holding his arms. He’s screaming in horror as the woman straddling his thighs is taking off her shirt to reveal her bra.

What can I say – it’s all garbage. Me no likee.

*Even the web version is poorly designed and formatted.

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