Monday, May 10, 2010

Minions at Work (Serial web comic)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Great blog, not suitable for Kindle

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Minions at Wirk, by J. Steven York


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Interchangable, expendable, not too bright. They are the Minions of Evil, and these are their weekly cartoon adventures.

MY REVIEW: I love the sense of humor displayed in this blog. Unfortunately, it isn't suitable for the Kindle. Each entry is a photo of some action figures gathered around a table, fighting with a dinosaur, or what have you, with a humorous caption underneath. Unfortunately, you can't read this caption on the Kindle. Even though you're able to blow up the renders the caption unreadable.

So check this blog out on the web. I think you'll enjoy it.

--Minions at Work #218 - Hot Zone
--Minions at Work #217 - Eating Problem
--Minions #216 - Under Water, Over Sharing
--Minions #215 - A Matter of Taste

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