Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Scuba Marketing (scuba, industry specific)


MY RECOMMENDATION: NO, but check the archives on the web.

AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: New Scuba Marketing Blog, by NIck Bostic


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Teaching SCUBA Instructors, dive centers and all members of the SCUBA industry how to find more customers and create more passionate divers in your local community.

MY REVIEW: This at one point was an excellent blog, teaching scuba store owners how to market themselves, but the author seems to have gotten a job with PADI to help market that whole organization, and so he hasn't updated his own blog since April 17.

I'll keep an eye on it and if he resumes, I'll let you know.

Having said that, there's 42 pages worth of posts for you to check on - so scuba store owners may benefit from what he's written in the past. Check it out on the web.

--Friday Fun Dive: Thieving Octopus
--Jump Start Your SCUBA Store’s Google Results
--Writing Elsewhere

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  1. Thanks for the "review". I don't have a job with PADI and have called them out publicly on their inability to modernize their social media marketing on many occasions (possibly why they don't hire me). Writing has definitely resumed in a big way :)