Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Single Minded Women (women's perspective)

REVIEWED BY: Ms. cairo


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: provides entertaining, informative, and vital information that every single women can use to enhance her lifestyle. Whether single by choice or circumstance, women of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds will find inspirational ideas and ways to enhance their “single life” with topics ranging from travel, health, career, dating, finances and single parenting.

MY REVIEW: I'm a single woman, and I love it. I don't have to take care of anyone except myself (pace the blog entry below). I'm in control of my own life, I stand on my own two feet. And I'm not looking to change that in any way.

So I was a bit disappointed with this blog, with the author seeming more intent on bemoaning her single status, and the single status of others. I suppose lots of women are single and not happy about it...and those are the ones who read this blog.

*I* wanted a blog for women who are delighted to be single.

Still, it's got a lot of info - as does the website, which I recommend going to see - that has a lot more info women need on money, career, health, and of course style. And of course there's a section for single moms - hopefully divorced women with kids and not women stupid enough to have babies out of wedlock...

Anyway, it's a popular blog, so check it out.

Sample Post:
Sex & the Single Woman: The Nurse Curse
I think most women inherently have the need to take care of others. I am no exception. This becomes problematic, however, when it comes to relationships.

I always fall victim to wanting to help those going through a rough time. To some, this weakness is known as the “Nurse Curse.” We see the (gasp!) sensitive side of a man and we can’t help but want to be there for him.

Is it bad to want to provide a helping hand for the men in our lives or, if taken too far, are we really just hurting ourselves?

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