Sunday, May 16, 2010

Michael Tottens Middle East Journal



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Original reporting and analysis from Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

MY REVIEW: An award winning blog covering the Middle East. He writes about today's event keeping in mind the vast history of the area. The notes and comments about various articles and journals relevant to events he is covering. It is political, in the way that you cannot cover that hot bed of the world without touching on politics. He interviews fellow writers, colleagues, movers and shakers. The Blog is full of pictures that tell a story.

Not just a news blog. It is blog following the on going (and never ending) saga of the Middle East. It is well written from a journalist perspective - on the ground. You feel like the information is sharper because of the way it is presented. It is there in black and white except for the glorious color pictures if you are looking at it online). An excellent blog I would recommend to any one. We all should know more about this part of the world, not only because of what is happening now but because of the rich history it has provided us in the past.

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