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Topical Murder and Dated Death (mystery book reviews)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: In this blog I provide reviews of mystery novels, with specific mention of where they take place - in a city, a state, a foreign country. I also share information about the slang used, the "dated death" as I call it, that gives a book its verisimiltude. From definitions of the Latin and French phrases tossed out by Peter Wimsey, to wartime life in the 30s and 40s as represented by Asey Mayo, to the historical novels of today that go back in time, I cover it all.

MY REVIEW: Many stamp collectors collect by topic - stamps that feature ships, or baseball, or athletes, or rocket ships, or women, or scientists, and so on. In this blog, I review books according to topic - the location where the mystery occurs - whether some state in the US or some country around the world.

In addition, I deal with Dated Death. Too many people read books and gloss over terms they are not familiar with - terms that were used in the 30s, 40s and 50s that are out of date now. (Of course there are terms used now that will be out of date ten years from now, and forgotten in twenty).

--The Murders of Richard III, by Elizabeth Peters
--Dated Death: The Gold Bug, by Edgar Allan Poe
--Grandmother Spider, by James D. Doss
--Fellowship of Fear, by Aaron Elkins
--The Case of the Murdered Muckraker, by Carola Dunn
--A Question of Motive, by Roderic Jeffries

Ms. Cairo writes three blogs of her own:
Topical Murder and Dated Death
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