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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Organize to Revitalize! offers organizing tips to help you streamline your home or office, and shares up to date news on what's happening in the organizing world. Every month, we bring you video interviews with media personalities, who share how they stay on top of things with a hectic, busy lifestyle...or if they don't.

MY REVIEW: Most people are disorganized. Most families are disorganized. Ride your bike down any street - in a poor, middle class or rich neighborhood - ones that have garages, and if the garage doors are open I bet 90% of those garages will be crammed full of junk, and 10% would have that material organized so that things could be found. (I don't think rich people are necessarily any more organized than poor folk, but they can afford to pay someone to come in and clean up their messes!)

The problem as I see it is that kids from an early age are not taught to organize - either their minds or their rooms. That's why we've got this cliche of the kid's room being such a disaster area... and as they grow up, that jumble continues until it really harms their lives. Most of the time just in little ways, of course. Who thinks wasting ten minutes looking for their car keys means ten minutes of their life that will never come again? Very few people. But really, that's what it is. Time wasted is time lost, and when you have to spend twenty minutes looking for a file, or lose a bill under a pile of envelopes, you're wasting time and money. But most importantly time.

This blog doesn't address the underlying issues - why people refuse to organize or can't organize - and instead tries to help with the organization part of the equation. (But then, it never claimed to do anything else. It's just my opinion that organization skills, like money and life skills, should be taught in elementary school...!)

Several guest authors contribute to the blog, and topics include organizing the home and organizing the business. The posts are well-written, the information always of use.

I recommend it highly.

Sample post

Productivity Tao-isms – Do They Peacefully Coexist?
Posted by Doug Ramsay
May 26, 2010
Greetings readers… My standard greeting holds – I hope this post finds you well.

Time management-wise, things have been on the up since my last post. As some of you might remember, my business partner/recording partner/long time friend since college and I are striving to finish up a CD project we’ve been working on for (literally) years (life *does* get in the way, eh?).

We recently had a project status meeting at Panera Bread, which turned out to be quite productive. I’m actually populating our project calendar on Google with the new target dates for later syncing to my BB and and iCal on my Mac…you know the drill. With most of the summer planned out for the remainder of work on the CD project, I still have to plan some weekend trips in. If any of you know of online resources like Expedia, Travelocity or similar, that combine something like trip planning and scheduling, please let me know (that’s one area I’ve yet to embark on when planning a trip).

Ironically enough, I came across an article on the Zen Habits website entitled the tao of productivity. I found this article to be very interesting, and frankly was somewhat rivited by an excerpt from it that reads:

"Stop planning, stop trying to control how things will go and what the outcomes will be. Life never goes according to plan, so why stress yourself out worrying about the future and then worrying about the past when plans get disrupted?"

Huh? Frankly, I find that ridiculous. While I believe we are only promised one day at time, good planning is essential to live your life (as long as you can) in the best way possible. Could you imagine trying to attain your college degree without any planning? How about that grand day of nuptials? You get the picture. While I understand the premise behind this specific Tao-ism from a foundational standpoint, I think it also demonstrates irresponsibility. I don’t think we are a culture obsessed with productivity, but one that would like to reap the benefits of efficiency. I, for one, would love to obtain the secret formula that will allow me to get more done by doing less. J Thoughts?

Ok, I have a calendar to populate…and a few other things to mark off my list. Have a great day!

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