Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green Diary (environmental)





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Think Green, Think Greendiary. Get Inspired! We care about environment and exist with a sole mission to help you lead a greener, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. We are devoted to what's hip in the green world and keep a tab on latest green lifestyle trends. We track eco-friendly products, innovations, best environment friendly practices, design, and everything that impact the environment to help you build a smarter sustainable future.

MY REVIEW: An interesting and well done blog about a very important topic. The contributors to this blog comment on articles from a vast number of publications.They do a great job of summing up the important parts in an appealing way and they give the source, should you want to follow up for more information. For those of us on the run, this is great way to get "snip-its" across the board on all areas of the "Green" topic then go elsewhere if we find an article that strikes our fancy. There are more than one contributors to the blog and I like the way they write and explain. They do have a point of view and share that bent - but, hey, it's their blog. It works well on a Kindle and they don't weight it down with pictures, but give you links, should you want to see related pictures to the posts.

They tackle a broad range of Green topics from different type of energy source, to oil spills, to an interesting piece about a university that has the elliptical machines in their gyms set-up to harness energy - who knew! I recommend this blog as well done and timely. They post often and often several times daily. A good read on a Kindle.

---New catalyst developed to generate cheap hydrogen fuel from seawater
--Schoolkid makes Egyptian boat from papyrus reeds, recycled stuff
--Fish Blimp: Biologically inspired flying vehicle
--H2POD drip feeds water to drought-stressed trees
--BP engineers plan a giant dome to fix the Gulf of Mexico spill problem

Ann Currie writes two blogs of her own:
My Life a Bit South of Normal Silver Pieces: The Strange and Peculiar

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