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MY REVIEW: The blog is inactive, which is a pity, as it looked really great and would have been of much iterest to hikers and backpackers. I'm assuming the author may have been a park ranger somewhere in California, and thanks to that states's mismanagement, it is now bankrupt and public parks are closed.

I review it here, though, because the archives are still there, and they make interesting reading.

Sample post:Perhaps the death knell for this blog. California has had to close many state parks and tourist areas because of their credit crunch.
Save California State Parks?
March 7th, 2010
In California we are experiencing a real deficit crunch. The State is broke and everything is being affected. One of those is the California State Parks. I received an email a few days ago about a new initiative for raising revenue to “save the parks” I have strong feeling about the states and countries current state of affairs, but I will not get into that here.

Two weeks prior I got an email asking me to donate my time to help the Parks, which I replied with a yes. I have yet to hear back about how I can donate my time. Below are the details about the current plan. To cut to the chase, we will charged a fee of $18 annually to save the parks. I will do this, I love our State Parks, I know our government. I hope the money gets to the parks….

Here are the detail from the California State Parks Website:

A Bold New Plan to Save Our State Parks

On November 3rd, CSPF took the first of a series of formal steps toward a long-term, sustainable funding mechanism to keep state parks open and accessible for Californians. Along with our partners in a campaign committee, we filed a proposed statewide ballot measure to try to put the State Park Access Pass on the ballot in November 2010. The measure is called the "California State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010" and calls on Californians to support their state park system and wildlife conservation areas by paying $18 annually for a State Park Access Pass surcharge on vehicle license fees.

You know that for the last year and half, we’ve tried to work with the Legislature and Governor to Save Our State Parks. Although we staved off the closure of 80% of the system (proposed by the Governor), and elimination of all core state funding for state parks (also proposed by the Gov), it’s clear that the powers that be in Sacramento aren’t riding to the rescue for state parks. Well, we’re done trying to convince them and we’re taking our case to the people. CSPF is actively working to put the State Park Access Pass on the ballot in November 2010 and will be spending this Fall and Winter gathering public support.

In the coming months, there will be many ways to support this effort. This is an exciting step forward for all state park advocates, and there are many additional steps ahead as we explore the feasibility of getting in front of voters next November. Right now, we’re organizing volunteers to gather signatures to help qualify the initiative for the ballot. Not only are park supporters the most passionate voices on this issue, but using volunteers will be a great cost-savings for the campaign. If you’re willing to commit to helping put the State Park Access Pass on the ballot, please click here to join our team. Thank you for your support!


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