Monday, May 17, 2010

Presenting Matters (Business)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, with great reservations, as it hasn't been updated since February, 2010

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Get what you want every time you speak! Great resource for anyone who wants to be more influential in their communication efforts. Learn tips, tools, and tricks that you can use instantly. Perfect for organizational leaders, professional speakers, marketers, sales associates...anyone who wants to be more persuasive.

MY REVIEW: Full disclosure here -– my husband is a professional speaker so this one jumped at me. And, no I am not familiar with Shari Alexander at all, beyond her blog which I've just read.

The blog is slick and professional and clearly geared toward the speaker. The posts are well written basic tools on public speaking on an entry level. For someone who needs a boost and somewhere to start this is a great place.

One thing that concerns me is the frequency of her posts, but this common for a professional blog. As of this review, she had not posted in 10 days, and the preceding post was a week prior to that. Now granted these posts are timeless in their material, but you still want to come back and find something new to read – that is the purpose of a blog.

These are good public speaking tips for someone who needs help in that area.

Sample Post

--Shari’s article featured on top management web site
--Presentation mistakes: the show must go on!
--Powerful networking
--Speaking with an edge

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