Monday, May 17, 2010

24 Paws (Lifestyles & Culture)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: The 24Paws Blog is the place to find news on animal issues, updates on the site, educational materials, product reviews, and a friendly community of animal lovers.

We encourage you to browse through our library of materials that are original to, and partake in a collection of the best information and links we’ve gathered from our online friends and respected sources.

MY REVIEW: This blog is oriented towards lovers of all animals but it is so full of links to other sites and offers to buy, that it is hard to get anything out of it.

Sure, you learn about bomb sniffing dogs at the Super Bowl (if you go to the link) and can read about charitable deductions on your income tax return, but as far as reading this as a blog it is just bark.

It is much more about commerce and pictures. It is not even updated often. The most recent posts were 12/10, 12/31, 1/28, 2/3, and 2/28. Only those with lots of discretionary income should subscribe to this blog.

--Not Just For Humans and A Product Review: Absorbent Underpads
--Are you ready? Puppy bowl VI
--Before you give – Humane charity
--Happy New Year
--International Animal Rights Day
--Newest 24 Paws Apparel and Gifts

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