Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Erotica By Bravo (arts and entertainment)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Erotica by Bravo, by Ghost Guns

WEB ADDRESS: http://eroticabybravo.blogspot.com

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Michele Bravo is a super sexy secret agent by night, and an erotic author by day

MY REVIEW: If you're on the lookout for hardcore sex story blogs, you can find them at Amazon. Just do a search for "sexy story blogs" and you'll see about 10, and do a search for "Erotica blogs" and you'll find a few more. They're all pretty much SOP. The writing quality varies from awful to passable, with very few any good. The sex is graphic, and runs the gamut. They're all interchangeable.

Erotica By Bravo is diffent, which is why I'm reviewing it here. Oh, it's got the graphic sex stories, written by "Michele Bravo" but it also has an overarching story line that makes one get to know and care about the characters, so that the graphic sex in that story is at least more than one-night stands, as one gets to know and like (at least, one is supposed to like) the characters.

It's interesting. If you're a mature adult and in to erotica, check it out. [Indeed, all these types of blogs have that warning - for mature adults only. Graphic content.]

--Michele Bravo and the Mystery of Mr. Largo Ch. 3
--Michele Bravo and the Mystery of Mr. Largo Ch. 2
--Michele Bravo and the Mystery of Mr. Largo Ch. 1

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