Monday, May 10, 2010

The Treasure and the Pearl (Religion)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: The Treasure and the Pearl, by Joseph Mancuso


BLOG DESCRIPTION: The Treasure and The Pearl is a blog designed to vivify the beauty, pleasure and worth of Christ that surpasses all of the things we have or could ever desire. Through quotes from classical, reformed works (especially the Puritans), contemporary authors, hymns, songs, videos and self-authored posts; The Treasure and The Pearl exhorts and inspires its readers to choose to be satisfied by Jesus Christ above all other things.

MY REVIEW: While this author seems knowledgeable and has intersting things to say, he posts only once a month on average. Hardly worth subscribing to unless you do indeed have a space 99 cents lying around per month. He has even said that he regrets not posting more often, but he has other calls on his time.

But, I bring it to your attention. If nothing else, check out the site on the web and check the archives to see what he has to say.

--Ridding Oneself of Sin Versus Restraining It (March 19)
--Are We Advocates For or Witnesses Of Christ? (March 17)
--The Valor of Meekness (March 6)
--New Blueprint for Blogging: Trivium + One (December 2, 2009)

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