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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Daily spotlight science, research and technology news stories from Enjoy reading 30-50 quality articles every day. is a leading sci-tech news website with 1.5 million readership. Topics include space, physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies. Make sure to check our channel Kindle feeds for an extended coverage of selected subjects.

MY REVIEW: has several "channels" detailing various sciences, all of them avaiable for review at Kindle. This particular one is Science and Technology (as opposed to medicine, biology, eletronics, and space and earth news).

Unfortuately it costs $1.99 per month to subscribe, but you get lots of news a day. I find this blog easier to read than their website, which is all cluttered up with headlines and paragraphs, unasthetically pleasing. You'll enjoy it much more reading it on your Kindle.

--The bivalve effect
--Study: Darwin was right to worry that marriage to his cousin affected his offspring
--Apple sells 1 million IPads, outdoing first IPhone
--Cassini returning Enceladus gravity data
--Proposed test of weak equivalence principle could be most accurate yet
--Resurrected mammoth blood very cool

In looking at these recent posts, you may be wondering... it's all science stuff, it's not broken out in various channels...and I wonder about this too. I will shortly subscribe to's other channels to see if they all give the same feed!

Regardless, this is intersting stuff, that the science literate should know.

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