Monday, August 23, 2010

Winging It (aviation)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle

MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: I am a 60 year old private pilot. This blog will document my experiences and adventures, both flying and non-flying, as I learn how to make the most of growing older.

MY REVIEW: If you're a pilot, you'll probably enjoy this blog.

The reason why I say, "Yes, with reservations" is because the author's wife is ill, currently with what is thought to be Parkinson's disease, and that impacts his post making. For example there were no posts from May to August, as he dealt with his wife's illness. (And that's a sad and frightening story, by the way. I'd advise everyone to visit his blog just to read that. What happens to you if you take medication for 20 years? For his wife, apparently Parkinson's.) Check out:

So, basically, if he's able to keep up the blog with at least a post a week, it's worth reading via the Kindle. If he is not, well, you may as well check it out on the web and say a couple of dollars a month.

Two sample posts
Reading for Motivation
Way back in olden times (when I was a teenager) I read the books written by Frank Kingston Smith. I found "Week-end Pilot" and "Flights of Fancy" at the local library and was immediately fascinated. Years later I also read "Weekend Wings". They might not have been the start of my fascination with flying but, they certainly fed the fire.

Recently I have been thinking about how I got interested in aviation and how I was going to get back into the air. I remembered those books by Mr. Smith and decided to try to find copies. They are long out of print but, luckily, I was able to locate used copies of all three. I am happy to say that, although a little dated, they still inspire me as much as they did back in my teens. I highly recommend these great books to every aviation enthusiast.

Line Up and Wait?
If you thought "line up and wait" referred to that cluster of airplanes bunched up at the end of the active runway on a sunny afternoon, you will have to learn a new definition. Starting next month, the tower instruction to "position and hold" (meaning to taxi into the takeoff position on the runway then hold there until issued a takeoff clearance) will change to the ICAO standard "line up and wait". I suspect there is going to be a period of confusion while pilots and controllers get used to the new terminology.

--Reading for Motivation
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--Line Up and Wait?
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