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My Bedroom Blog With Amy V (writing)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: My bedroom Blog with Amy V, think outloud style of writing is compelling and entertaining while it stirs it up & gets people thinking- which in turn, gets them asking- which means someone out there is gonna break free out of their box because of it. My Bedroom Blog with Amy V talks about things that people are afraid to discuss- a permission slip to say what ya need to say- think what you have been wanting to think... GETTING REAL on the subjects of relationships, sex, love, dating, life and the differences between men and women. WARNING: this blog is not for the person who wants to follow instead of lead, fit in instead of being different, cower instead of standing up, stay comfortable instead of risking it all.

MY REVIEW: The author's blog actually has nothing to do with her description. She has two blogs, the bedroom blog that has not been updated since February, and a blog that uses her name as its title, and which is where the feed for the Kindle subscription comes from. And that one is dedicated to writing. Apparently, she is going to write something, a poem or other material, every day for 365 days.

It's actually pretty interesting, I think aspiring writers should check it out.

Sample post
Day 9 of my 365 day challenge to write…A kaleidoscope…a human masterpiece.

I got an email from a reader yesterday asking me what kind of woman I am striving to be.

That if motherhood, or being a wife, or climbing the corporate ladder are not priorities… then what I am striving to be?

Good question.

The first thing that came to me is… I hope to be more than one woman.

I would like to believe I am more than one woman.

Not flat or predictable, but three dimensional.

I am sensitive enough that I can feel every woman in me…when I sit still and just be…

The wise one.

The level headed one.

The sexy siren one

The seductress.

The romancer.

The mother.

The sister.

The lover.

The seeker.

The dreamer.

The innocent.

The giver.

The taker.

A kaleidoscope of attributes.

That is what I hope for.

That I may never settle or fall asleep in the box.

That I may never allow some person to spoon feed me a belief.

That I never stay too long in one attribute as to stop the flow of creativity that comes with embracing it all.

Allowing it all.

Being it all.

Does that make sense?

I look at being human as a masterpiece painting.

Masterpiece paintings were never flat or one dimensional; they were vibrant, exquisite detail, layer upon layer… They told a story. There was mystery; with each person who had the privilege to lay their eyes on a masterpiece, came their own unique interpretation. Because, that masterpiece was created in such brilliant flow that no one interpretation could ever be considered absolute.

That is what I strive to be…my own unique masterpiece.

How about you?

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