Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dead Monkey Society (arts & entertainment, fiction serial)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Dead Monkey Soceity, by Penfold Crockett


BLOG DESCRIPTION: The challenge? To write a novel in micro chapters of 4 and half lines or less. Confused? You certainly will be when you enter the mysterious world of the Dead Monkey Society.

"High Noon at Dead Monkey Junction..."
A lawless town. One man standing tall. A short guy called Clarence and a dead monkey playing the piano...

MY REVIEW: To start out, you might want to visit the website, to read the story from the beginning. For some reason the Kindle feed doesn't begin until Chapter 7.

It's an amusing story, perhaps an aquired taste. As the blog description says, each chapter is a paragraph. The writing is over-the-top, but amusing in that way, and the story is intriguing.

CHeck it out

Sample chapter:
Meanwhile, back in the Dirty Cowpoke the monkey was meandering through an early morning rendition of ‘the Forlorn Leghorn’ when a hail of bullets shattered the doors into matchsticks. The six remaining Klaun brothers stormed in, each one bigger, dumber and uglier than the one before…


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