Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A variety of religious blog reviews

I'm an atheist, but I do try to review religious blogs here, from the various Christian sects to Buddhism to Islam. However, of the 3 blogs available for subscription on Kindle that I've found, written by Muslims, all three of them are inactive. (Talk Islam, The Muslim Blogger, Mabrar.com [the website of which has been hacked] Indeed, the Talk Islam blog also appears to have been hacked, because the only post I received from that was not about Islam but about something quite diffrent. The Muslim Blogger was simply inactive.

So that's why there are no reviews of Islam religious blogs here!

There are a few blogs detailing are war on terror and on radical Islam, so I'll be reviewing them periodically. If I ever find an active blog from a Muslim writing about his or her religion, I will share it here.

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