Sunday, September 19, 2010

RetroReview: Amazon Daily





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Commenting on the catchy and trendy, the trivial and tremendous, the Amazon Daily blog highlights the best from the world's largest online retailer. Whether you're interested in the tops in technological toys, the quirkiest gadgets or preeminent foreign films, Amazon Daily offers a plethora of diverse opinions from the editors of From the perfect holiday dinner to the craziest car accessories, Amazon Daily covers's huge catalog of items, gizmos, books and food.

MY REVIEW: This blog is well written, it’s interesting, and its free.

Any flaws? Well, its subjects are on a wide variety of topics. If you are interested only in books, only in music, only in movies, then there will be a lot to wade through. But if your interests are eclectic, you’ll want to read this over your morning coffee.

  • The Book Behind Brad Piit’s Beard. Why is Pitt wearing that weird looking beard. Not because he likes it, thank god (although I suppose he might), it’s for a film he’s making, The Lost City of Z.
  • Neil Gaiman writing an episode of Doctor Who.
  • Ian Brown has won the Taylor Prize for non-fiction for The Boy in the Moon, an account of the life of his disabled son.
  • Gearing up for New York’s Fashion Week, an interview with Herve Leger’s Max Azria.
  • Stile Antico: Media Vita. Review of a vocal ensemble that specializes in Tudor and Renaissance Choral music. Photo, and links to various websites, but all info a reader needs to know is in the entry.
  • Breakfast of champions – a plug for CafĂ© du Monde coffee. The writer keeps talking about beignets, French for donuts, I assume (it’s a famous donut shop in New Orleans). Then, comments on other places to eat in BNew Orleans
  • Justice Leage: Crisis on Two Earths amazon exclusive clip. It’s an animated movie, and of course you can’t watch it on the Kindle.
  • Literary Superbowl – commentary on authors from Louisiana and Indiana. A list of several books, each one linked to its appropriate purchase page at Amazon – but not a Kindle page (but then, this blog isn’t written exclusively for Kindle readers).
  • Make Your Own Tortilla ChipsRye rocks my world – for liquor connoisseurs
  • Graphic Novel Friday: Copper by Koru Kibushi, with lots of photos

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