Saturday, September 18, 2010

International Higher Education Consulting (education)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle

MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: International Higher Education Consulting Blog provides timely news and informational pieces that are of interest to both the international education and public diplomacy communities. From time to time, International Higher Education Consulting Blog will post thought provoking pieces to challenge readers and to encourage comments and professional dialogue.

MY REVIEW: I find this is a fascinating blog, if you're interested in higher education (ie college or university) and specifically travelling to other countries to acquire it. The articles are for the most part pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, this may be a blog that is better to visit on the web than via the Kindle. Occasionally he'll include a video, which we of course can't see, and sometimes he provides a lot of links, which are so unweildy to view. But overall, a pretty interesting blog.

Check it out.

Sample post:
Always Stop and Look through a Pile of Free Books as You Never Know What You Will Find

Earlier during my lunch hour today I discovered a table with a bunch of books spread all across the top and a small sign that read "free books" (pictured here). I always stop and search through a pile of free books...don't you? This pile of books focused primarily on political science and economics in Russia and Slavic countries and the majority were written in Russian. While these subjects are of interest they are not books I would pick-up for casual or academic reading. Today, however, I lucked out and found a great publication to add to my Bury Book International Education Library & Archive. Under several books I found and took the following:

Victor R. Johnson. (2006). "Americans Abroad: International Educational Programs and Tort Liability" The Journal of College and University Law, 32 (2), 309-359.

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