Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you don't have your health, you don't have anything

Well, a bit off-topic in this post, but I'm spurred to write.

I'm moving my mother across country. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure 20 years ago, and given pills, but she didn't like the way they made her feel so she stopped taking them.

So she's lived with untreated high blood pressure for 20 years.

A couple of years ago she got congestive heart failure, and now needs to take $1,000 worth of pills a month - 4 different kinds of pills a day. (Of course, she's got insurance so it's only like $45 a month, but still).

Anyway, she's overweight. My dad says that's what's causing her current problems - I say that it's hard to give a damn what you weigh when you don't feel very well every day, and why begrudge her her comfort food. She's 70 years old, after all.

But now, we're faced with the problem of getting her into the car, and today, she couldn't do it. We've got two cars, one with a seat that's 24 inches high, and one, mine, that is larger and more spacious, but which has a seat that is only 23 inches high. But she couldn't get into either one. Leg problems. (She has to go to a chriopractor once a month with back problems)

Well, we'll get it sorted out, even if we have to rent some kind of handicapped van to get her moved.

But her troubles this morning have spurred me to write this post. If you haven't had your blood pressure checked in a while, get it checked now. If its high and you're prescribed medication - take it!!!!!!

And in general, take care of your health. I hate the fact that the government is trying to force everyone to eat healthy, and I reject it just on that principle, but really, think about it. You may be young and healthy now and feel you will never get old. (That's the way I used to feel, 30 years ago). But you will. And if you haven't got your health, it isn't any fun. And being able to remember way back when you were healthy and did have fun just makes it all the harder to see what you've come to.

So visit a doctor today.

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