Friday, September 24, 2010

Confessions of a Cashier (humor)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle




BLOG DESCRIPTION: I'm just an innocent cashier stuck in a world of irritatingly annoying people I like to call Customers. I started working in the customer service industry when I was around 15 years old. Yes, that's when I was old enough to help out with the family business. Since then, I've been called names, yelled at, threatened, flirted with, and generally disregarded as a member of the human race. I'm a cashier, and this is my revenge.

MY REVIEW: I really enjoyed this blog... an interesting insight into human nature. Since I've worked as a cashier at McDonalds and at a B&N, I know exactly where she's coming from. (Her language can be a bit ripe at times, so be aware of that.)

Read these posts - if you see yourself, correct your behavior. ; )

--I'm Sorry, We're Closing
--Where Did You Wipe That?
--Go Find Your Own Directions
--Seeing Customers Outside of the Store
--Do You Have 23 Cents?
--Come On Now, Are You Serious?
--Another Drive-Off? Really?
--Credit Card Reader Comes Back to Haunt Me
--Wow, You're Such a Good Mother
--Don't Leave the Pump Unattended
--Labor Day Weekend
--I'll Take Your Coins
--Not in the Mood Today

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