Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two blogs not to subscribe to

In my never ending attempts to bring blogs of interest to my readers, I subscribe to a lot of them - and at least a third of them, if not more, turn out to be "unsuitable" - either the author has stopped posting in them or complete posts aren't downloaded.

Usually when this happens I just ignore 'em, but since I want my dedicated readers to know that I am looking out for their interests, I'll share two of them below.

(I used to review all blogs and give a "yes" or "no" recommendation. I no longer do that. It's always "yes". I do this just to get a word out about a blog, even if I think it's poorly written. But I no longer share reviews of "unsuitable" blogs. Except of course today. ; )

Two blogs not to bother with.

BetweenHearts75 - a poetry and photo blog, inactive since May 10.

Daily Actor - not suited to the Kindle. Each post gives you only a paragraph, and instructions to visit the website itself. I don't think this is accidental, either, I think they are deliberately trying to force people to go to their website. Well, in that case, don't put it on the Kindle to begin with!

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