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MY REVIEW: Every time a movie comes out with a lot of fencing - the first Pirates of the Caribbean, for example, or the first Star Wars, interest in fencing peaks briefly in the US. But because real fencing is not quite like its movie counterpart, the interest doesnt' last too long.

Which is a pity, because participants in fencing matches have fun, and its a great sport for increasing your fitness.

But it's an esoteric sport and I wonder how many Kindle readers are interested in fencing? Well...because you get a two week free subscription, why not subscribe and take a look at the blog, and indeed, at the sport itself.

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World Cup Season Kicks into High Gear
The fencing World Cup season kicks into high gear this weekend as the world cups now count for 2012 Olympic qualification.

Foil fencing for both men and women will commence in Shanghai. Traditionally Japan hosts a men’s foil grand prix event, but the event was moved to Shanghai following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Fukushima. (You can still donate to the relief efforts through the Red Cross.)

Here’s a brief rundown of the events:

Women’s Foil (Team and Individual): Shanghai, China
Men’s Foil (Individual): Shanghai, China
Women’s Epee (Team and Individual): Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Women’s Sabre (Team and Individual): Bologne, Italy
Who to watch? Mariel Zagunis will be fencing to keep at the top of the FIE world rankings and her teammates will be fencing to improve their rankings to try to secure another qualification spot for the US. Women’s Foil will be working to keep ahead of all others in the North American zone for the team qualification and men’s foil will see Miles Chamley-Watson fence to improve on his #3 world ranking and 2011 NCAA Champion Ariel DeSmet enters the field.

The Women’s Epee team heads down to 2016 Olympic host city Rio to take part in a “home zone” event. 12 athletes from the USA will compete in the individual event and the team event will feature some of our most seasoned athletes as the Hurley sisters (Kelley and Courtney), Maya Lawrence, and Lindsay Campbell will be the Team USA entry in the team event.

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